III – Trying To Share


Sometime after my ‘Joshua Becker sponsored epiphany’ and the first steps into minimalism were taken, we spent a weekend with our friends ‘The A. F.’ family. We shared our enlightenment with them, to which L. jumped to the idea head first but R. was a bit more sceptical (even though she recently praised the virtues of Minimalism – ALL HAIL).

It has been very good to have friends joining us in this endeavour and taking the first steps into this practice together. We have all been reading on the experiences of others and sharing our own which has allowed me to break some mental barriers and prejudices. Anyway, it’s good to travel this road with “outside” company rather than by our lonesome selves.

On New Year’s Eve we had a party at our place and invited a number of friends to attend and celebrate our entrance into “Year 0”. We decided to call it Year 0 (actually, L. called us the ‘Witnesses of Year 0’ as some people have labelled this change as religious) because I expressed my sincere belief that 2016 (as most people call it) is the year of the greatest change of my life.

It’s the year I embrace a new way of living, the year I leave my impulsive consumerist self behind and embrace a lifestyle more in line with truly, meaningfully living, not just tracking along current social concepts.

The year where I yearn to dedicate the time to start finding and pursuing some interests, work hard on them and possibly turn them into passions. Interests that will bring me joy and add value to my life and others’.

The year I will become a better person (I wonder how is that possible? That and my modesty are my greatest virtues). The year I will slowly, but steadily, start letting go of the anchors that prevent me from pursuing more meaningful achievements, from spending more quality time with my family, more focus on what’s really important. The year I will give and grow more, the year of THE change.

I wish this was “Year 10”, “Year 20”. I wish that I had found this clarity a long, long time ago. But, then again, I don’t. This is the year, this one here, this one now. I mean, let’s face it, this could’ve been known as “Year -10”, “Year -20”, or worst… 2016!!

Sitting around a bonfire in by backyard, waiting for “Year 0” to meet us, L., R. and I (Catarina was already fast asleep), tried to clarify our enlightenment to the people present. We made a big effort, but the results were terrible… we couldn’t go beyond “getting rid of stuff is good for you and yours, you’ll have more time”.

I realised then how hard it is to ‘spread the word’ and I now know there’s so much more to it and even more that I do not know. I since have sent the link of Joshua’s words to them and many others but the responses have been indifferent.

I like to think they’re either already where I want to be or happy where they are… either way, I salute and am sincerely happy for them.

I realised that if I wanted to express myself better, it would require time to organise and edit my thoughts. I hope these explorations of mine help achieve what I could not, around the bonfire that night, whilst waiting for “Year 0” to arrive.




7 thoughts on “III – Trying To Share

  1. I must admit you guys really sounded like “Witnesses of Year 0” around the bonfire on new years eve. What put me off that night was how extreme you guys sounded, but after reading your thoughts I am now ready to learn some more about minimalism 🙂 This means you’re doing a good job!

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  2. Good on you, Diogo and Cat! 🙂

    I’ve read your posts, and listened to the podcast you shared, and I must confess that a lot of things resonate with my beliefs. I am definitely not a minimalist and I do love my books, the souvenirs from the places I’ve travel to, etc and I can’t imagine getting rid of them as they do bring me joy. In saying this, like most people, I do have too many clothes and shoes, and all sorts of stuff. With so many house/ country moves, I have decluttered to an extend but know that I can do better… who knows, you might even inspire me…

    You have immersed yourself in a new lifestyle that it is bringing you more joy and that makes you feel closer to the person you were always meant to be and that makes me really happy!

    I wasn’t there at the bonfire, so I can’t comment on the ‘Witness of Year 0′ cult approach but the ideas you’ve exposed here so far, and the way that you’ve done it, are all but fanatical, so keep going! I will say this though, when you feel very strongly and passionately about a new thing that has happened/ is happening in your life the people on the outside don’t always understand what is going on and that can be scary. Human beings are adverse to change and when something is different, or challenging, the knee-jerk reaction is to fight it.

    Not everyone will be on the same page, or at the stage in their lives where they can welcome such a change, and that is OK. As long as we respect each others’ choices. And as long as you never adopt a minimalist approach to your feelings and to your caring heart!

    I have added your blog to my daily feeds so I can keep an eye on the upcoming developments…

    PS – ‘E acentos (que me faltam tambem, aqui)! Assentos sao para sentar o nosso dignissimo rabo ;-p

    Beijinhos aos 4 xxx

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    1. Thanks Helena for a very nice comment. I particularly liked “when you feel very strongly and passionately about a new thing that has happened/ is happening in your life the people on the outside don’t always understand what is going on and that can be scary.” And that is one of the main reasons behind starting this blog. We don’t want to scare anyone!!
      By the way, I thought assentar eram os tijolos e que o meu rabo se senta, não se assenta. Sempre a aprender!!


      1. Claro que sentas o rabo! Mas assentos sao bancos, cadeiras, etc… Locais onde te sentas… Acentos sao aquelas coisas preciosas que nos fazem faltam nestes teclados ;-p


      2. Helena, thank you so much for your comment.
        It is very true what you say. Thanks for all the support.
        It is always good to know that our friends support us in our pursuit for a more meaningful life.
        Muitos beijinhos pra ti e pro Pedro.


  3. Diogo, good stuff!

    I was there around the fire. Even though you might have felt some reluctance, actually me and A got rid of 29 pieces of clothing in the week after. hand-washing the dishes after meals also became part of our routines, so we must admit that your preaches had a bit of an impact 😉 maybe we will slowly get closer to the light as time goes by…

    keep going!


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