XXIV – And Here We Are


New Home

Today is the 3rd morning of a new life, new light, new sounds, new scents, new everything. All is new except for the essential. Today is our 3rd morning in this house, our new home.

The move itself went flawlessly. With the help of B. and G. and a rental truck, the Brisbane-Noosa-Brisbane item relocation circuit took around 7hours. Apart from the upstairs bedroom designated features, everything was left in the living room. The following day, the family drove up for our first night as Sunshine Coast residents.

Stepping in through the door, the feeling was one of despair. It had been less than a day but I did not remember leaving so much stuff in the lounge. The previous day I had stepped into an echoing, empty space, full of ballroom dancing potential, but this time I was waddling through a storage unit. “That’s OK. It’s just a matter of putting everything in its place!”

Sitting in the sofa after dinner, looking around, I had a shameful thought, “We need a bigger place for our stuff”, that I instantly overcame by coming to the heart of the issue, “No, we just have too much stuff still”.

These two sequential frames of mind were prompted by noticing that there was no room in the living room. Food for thought: If one doesn’t have room in the Living Room, can one experience living in this room?

I mentioned my sinful thought and its epilogue to Cat. She didn’t disagree, and as good minimalists that we are, we started asking questions. “Is it a furniture disposition issue?”, “Is the furniture too big in itself”, “Do we need a TV stand when we decided to can the TV?”, “Even if we reinstate the TV, does it need to sit on top of a fixture that is bigger and heavier than the fridge?”

We changed the room disposition. Dinner table, sofa and TV stand were pushed against the walls. Noosa decluttering had its first victim and the TV stand is now on EBay. Now, there’s plenty of room to live in the living room… let the dancing carry on.


New Lifestyle

We made the decision to pursue a healthier and more ecological lifestyle, where we’re seeking to engage with the community, promote local businesses and produce as much consumables as possible. This is the right place to be in this quest of ours. This is definitely a very ‘Green’ region where sustainability, community and general well-being are more than mere concepts.

Since we decided not to have internet at home (I’m posting these words with the sponsorship of Noosa Council’s Wi-Fi), we’ve been doing our research old fashion style. We’ve joined the local library and been reading on how to become greener and produce our own veggies – Cat has already tried the production of soap, which should be cured in a few weeks.

We no longer use paper towels (Cat sewn a few dozens of napkins with leftover cloth), we make baby nappies, yoghurt, bake our own bread, and in a couple of months I’ll start my organic, potted backyard garden. Wherever possible, we’re introducing more and more organic produce. In a few years we’ll be self-sufficient: all we need is a cow, some chickens and a parcel to grow wheat.

All the changes occurring and the ones I still want to implement, leave me at times a bit overwhelmed. There are so many of them that I seem to lose focus. But that’s OK, I take a deep breath and remind myself of the way forward:

  • No more multitasking. Do one thing at a time, do it well by focusing exclusively on that thing;
  • When it’s done, or can’t be progressed anymore in the meantime, move on to the next;
  • On each activity take step 1, then step 2, followed by 3. Do not rush, nor worry about step 17 because it will come in due time, right after step 16 is concluded;
  • Take time to enjoy the outcome. You’ve done very well.

There’s a lot going on and it can at times be almost overpowering, but with determination and a plan, it becomes almost easy. Also, daily surfing and meditation play a huge part.

Another thing that has been unconsciously weighing in the back of my mind, is the fact that we still don’t have an income. Though we did plan for this and I do believe it won’t be too hard to find work, this uncertainty can still be a burden. But again, that’s OK because it was always part of the plan.

Since in a couple for weeks I’ll be in Portugal for almost 2 months, it doesn’t seem fruitful to be actively looking for work at the moment.

That’s right!! I’m almost there my dear avid Portuguese readers. See you soon.



One thought on “XXIV – And Here We Are

  1. Really happy for you dear friends. Mostly because the great mountain was climbed and, in the top of it, we are already talking about a new landscape with cows, chickens, etc; We wish you best of happiness in this new life, and we are here to receive you like you were sobrenatural people, with all of respect that extraordinay ones deserves, and with a lot of “saudades”. Congrats to all of you! See you soon!

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