XXV – Prognostics


19 April 2016, Brisbane.

A few days ago, Catarina proposed me a challenge: that I write down what I think my days will look like from September 2016, when we get back from Portugal to live in Noosa.

Challenge accepted.


Ideally, both of us will be able to find part-time jobs without a scheduling conflict, so the girls will always have one of us taking care of them. I am not expecting we’ll have coinciding days-off, so it will be a 7 days/week working household, but who needs weekends away when we’re living on the beach?

I can also see myself as the sole paid worker in the family and that’s fine with me. But unless the work involves an interest I’m keen in developing, I don’t see it representing an undue time commitment. Just put in enough hours in order to make ends meet living a frugal lifestyle.

I will continue to wake up before sunrise, head to the beach for a morning surf and a bit of meditation. The days I won’t surf I’ll still exercise by running or going for a long reflective walk.

Preferably, I will find work in a coffee shop, with an early start and lunch time finish. I’ll come home from my part time job when Catarina leaves for hers. I’ll take a nap with the girls, read, write or do housework… whatever feels most urgent. I’ll play with them when they wake up, head to the beach, the park or wherever we feel like going or doing.

I idealise arranging a schedule with Catarina so each of us has a period of time just for our creative selves. Perfectly, each will have a 1 to 2 hour period each day to cultivate our interests. Initially I believe mine will revolve around reading and writing.

As far as interests go, I have a few on my list… shape a surfboard; reengage with a Toast Masters group; practice yoga; join a literary/cinema group or something similar. I’m even nursing the idea of playing guitar at kid’s birthday parties… all the way out of my comfort zone.

I also want to donate my time to do voluntary work in local charities and community initiatives. I started some research on this and there are a lot of worthy programmes, namely with kids and the elder.

The more I think about all the things I want to do, the bigger the importance I need to give to scheduling. Sometimes it feels like I won’t have enough time to do everything, but that’s not true. My life is an uncompetitive marathon, not a frenetic sprint. There’s enough time to get to it all.

Where do I see myself in September? I see myself living in a simpler manner, deliberately and meaningfully. I see myself no longer living every week with the weekend in mind, living fluidly rather than intermittently. I see myself giving the utmost importance to the moment and not ruminating on the past nor obsessed with the future. I see myself giving and truly living (whatever that means).

In a nutshell, I see myself living contently with occasional bursts of happiness.




2 thoughts on “XXV – Prognostics

  1. I see you have many interests. I thinks it’s better to focus on just 2 or 3 that you feel will be the most rewarding, or you’ll get a lot of clutter back into your “minimalistic” life. If some of those 2 or 3 end up being non-rewarding then move down the list. Don’t spread yourself putting little effort in too many things.

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    1. What if I told you that I have come up with a few more since I wrote this one? 😉
      But I fully understand what you’re saying and completely agree!!
      A lot of effort in few things rather than the other way around!!
      Até já!!


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