Petition – Cat Come Back



This is an unusual post and its sole purpose is to gather likes and comments in order to have my dear Cat writing again.

I have been getting many requests and queries with regards as to when will Cat write a post again, but she is deaf to my pleas for her words and so I need yours.

She has been reading some interesting books and we’ve been chatting about them and her amazing ideas. She has some new recipes and projects as well, but there’s no way I can get her to sit down to write and share them with you!!

So, this is the time for you to get involved and write some words in the comment section below to get her going!!

Thank You


2 thoughts on “Petition – Cat Come Back

  1. Do you realize the translators some people use to read you blog actually translate Cat as “cat” the animal? 😉

    So, Cat, not cat, please come back and write something! Give us some cool, easy and delicious recipes. Tell us what we don’t need around the house. Tell us how you will manage 3 kids without clutter!

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