Becoming a Foodie


With my decision to change my dietary habits came a whole heap of challenges. Chief among them was how to get flavour diversity on my plate.

When I stopped eating meat back in September 2016, my meals were based on three different tastes:  an assortment of veggies flavoured with either a Sugo sauce or Chimi Churri (a recipe I brought from my previous employment); or a veggie stir fry with lime and soy sauce. These were predictably served with pasta or rice. This rapidly became boring and I found myself craving variety.


The biggest change was sponsored by L. during the Christmas break that his family agreed to spend with us. He brought a book and gave me a glimpse of the array of cookery options that can be achieved on an exclusively plant based diet – during those ten days we both put in some weight and I experienced a range of gustatory orgasms. Above all and for the first time, I truly realised the myriad culinary possibilities of a meat-free diet.

Today, I am delighted to say that I have been engaged in developing a new creative interest. Over the past few months I have been trying (at least) one new weekly recipe and the results have been very gratifying.


Ignited by curiosity and eager to attain that primal feeding pleasure, I have dabbled at different gastronomic experimentations. Unfortunately, my approach hasn’t been based entirely on the scientific method and I haven’t been able to produce the same recipe twice. Which in some cases is kind of fortunate, but even so it would be nice to know for sure what not to do again.

I’ll eventually arrange to get a cooking notebook so I can keep a record of my culinary endeavours and develop my own recipes based on proper measurements and well-adjusted quantities. In the meantime, I have been (successfully) cooking the dishes of better chefs.


Cat and I have been redrafting our weekly menus (started with the goal of saving time and money and wasting less), where the Sunday meal is left open for me to try a different meal. We expect to have around 10 menus ready within a couple of months. The plan is to print them out and on the back have a list of the foodstuffs required for each week’s shopping.

What I have found so far with my new approach to food is that I spend more time in the kitchen because the preparation required to prepare a meat-free meal is greater than making some rice and throwing a steak in the bbq. Having said that, I have been making good use of this time by deliberately being more mindful whilst peeling, chopping and slicing and turning it into a meditative exercise…. It’s definitely cheaper than therapy.

This new forum is to leave your mouth watering and yet again, spark your curiosity. I promise only to post recipes I’ve tried and that have met my (high) palate requirements. Hope you enjoy them too!!



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