LIII – Worry: Part I


Noosa, 30 June 2017

I have recently been reading and writing about Worry and how it can have a productive effect when it helps you resolve the problem created by the object of worry, but it can also be quite venomous. It can prevent you from being rational and block viewing the bigger picture.

For all my research and mounting knowledge on the subject I am all too exposed to its stimuli.


For the past couple of weeks that we’ve been trying to sell our house in Brisbane. The first week it was in the market we received an offer that – being above our minimum sell amount – we accepted.

In the meantime there have been some back and forth with the building and pest inspections and discussions on potentially dropping the price due to the buyers expectations with regards to the materials used.

Once again, expectations can be poisonous. I inevitably created them based on an expected financial outcome and started looking for a place up in Noosa.

Following up on all this recent haggling, I have created a series of potential scenarios based on fear that have led me to many possible outcomes. Needless to say that, human as I am, these are never the most positive ones and so I suffer in a downward spiral of fretting.


Meditation has helped me massively on how to cope with such feelings.  But it was only this morning, that I was able to distance myself enough from this situation, to “take a look from the outside”. What I saw is that, in fact, there is nothing to worry about… nothing at all!!

What if the buyer pulls out? Fortunately, we’re in a situation that allows us to wait until another buyer comes along. We are in no rush to sell whatsoever. Sure, there are financial encumbrances associated with holding the house inhabited for the foreseeable future, but they become rather irrelevant when compared against our big picture… let go of Brisbane’s last anchor and become debt-free.

Coldly analysing this situation, we are in the best possible place we could be. We’re all healthy, safe and with each other. And even if we end up selling only a few months from now and below the amount we’re looking for, we will still be able to meet our goal.

It’s really simple… by the end of today, we’ll either still be home owners or we’ll not. What happens after that, will come after that.


Ahhh, thank you Writing and thank you Meditation for shedding much needed light into utterly useless feelings.

In particular, thank you kids for your always present smile and for sharing your far more relevant concerns… a dress that doesn’t twirl; a painful mosquito bite; a shove from the sister; wanting a bath instead of a shower; a dirty nappy!

Above all, thank you Mozinho, my everything, for always finding a way to keep me grounded, here and now. Amo tus, todos, tudo!!



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