Pasta Alla Norma

Jamie Oliver has shown me more than a few ways to prepare tasty pasta. This is an adaptation of his Pasta Alla Norma taken from the book jamie’s italy. The first of many pasta recipes I plan to share. INGREDIENTS: 2 large firm aubergines – cut into quarters lengthways. If centres are too seedy, remove; … Continue reading Pasta Alla Norma


LVIII – (Re)Running

Noosa, 11 September 2017 This past weekend, the family and I drove down to Mooloolaba, to meet up with our 8 chosen-family members now residing in the Goal Coast – but don’t take that choice of location against them. We all got together with the main goal of cheering and bearing witness to Luis’ half … Continue reading LVIII – (Re)Running

Green challenge – part II

Shortly after I posted part I of Green challenge, the website with the pretty looking map was updated to include data from some other countries, including most of Australia. I was aware that most of Australia’s electricity was generated from “dirty” sources, but the panorama is actually worst than I expected. Queensland is actually the … Continue reading Green challenge – part II


LVII – Worry: Part II

“(…) if we’re worrying as a way of coping with problems we can’t change, that’s unproductive worrying. This only adds worry and anxiety to our already unpleasant experience, increasing our suffering.” Tamara Levitt Worry: feel or cause to feel anxious or troubled about actual or potential problems.   I want to propose an exercise. I … Continue reading LVII – Worry: Part II