Green challenge – part II

Shortly after I posted part I of Green challenge, the website with the pretty looking map was updated to include data from some other countries, including most of Australia.

I was aware that most of Australia’s electricity was generated from “dirty” sources, but the panorama is actually worst than I expected.


Queensland is actually the second worst in the world electricity grid on the website, only surpassed by Estonia where they burn a lot of oil.


Between 90 and 98% of Queensland’s electricity comes from fossil fuels (mainly coal).

This means you should really be serious about some of the advice I gave at the end of my last post, and I congratulate Diogo and Cat for choosing a “green” electricity provider for their new home.

So, how hard would it be to change Queensland’s grid to “green” power? Not that hard really. On average the share of Spain’s electricity from Wind and Solar is enough to power Queensland.

I’m quite optimistic that will happen in the near future, not because of environmental reasons, but, ironically, because of economic (greedy) reasons. Technology has come to the point that electricity from Wind and Solar is actually cheaper than burning coal.

Besides the economic aspect renewable energy has another great advantage when compared to fossil fuels, you can produce your own, locally sourced, organic, green, energy!

The improvements in battery technology also mean you can now also store your own energy and become increasingly independent from the electricity grid, lessening the need for new power plants and transmission lines, much in the same way that producing and consuming locally grown food lessens the need for big farms (and big waste).

Being able to produce and store your own energy opens up new possibilities for a sustainable living that go beyond the comfort of your home!

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