LVIII – (Re)Running


Noosa, 11 September 2017

This past weekend, the family and I drove down to Mooloolaba, to meet up with our 8 chosen-family members now residing in the Goal Coast – but don’t take that choice of location against them. We all got together with the main goal of cheering and bearing witness to Luis’ half Herculean efforts – Luis participated in the half ironman challenge and completed it in 5 hours and 5 minutes.

We did not take the pompons but we sure cheered him on, on the 3 times he ran past our chosen spot. In-between Luis’ fast encounters, we kept on encouraging all the other participants (which, at times, seemed nothing shorter than a suffering parade) with shouts and motivational words. A lady near us had the superhuman power of turning walkers into runners with the energy of a heart felt hug… magic.

All our kids participated with a raised hand to be ‘high-fived’ by hurrying, sweaty hands. It seemed to me that everyone was sharing this peculiar sense of pride for having our mate participating in such a high-energy, high-involvement event – I know I was. It propelled me to run alongside the half ironman for about 300m stating as much, whilst he cracked up a couple of jokes.


This collective experience prompted everyone to enrol in the Noosa triathlon, coming up on the 5th November 2017. The 3 couples are participating in the relay version of the contest, where each person completes one of the three different events. Anyway, whilst the allocation of each of the disciplines to each team member is yet to be confirmed, the discussions were focused on far more important topics, namely outfits and a theme song for both teams.

It seems I will be doing a bit of running. A 10Km route that I plan to run until my knee gives in, and then I’ll walk and crawl all over the finish line. Looking forward to it and I have already started my training with the help of my coach.


It’s amazing how by participating in the Mooloolaba event, he prompted 5 other people to enrol in “the world’s largest mass participation triathlon… Luis, muito obrigado pela inspiração!!

Still smiling after 5 hours of physical exertion!!!


P.S. Yes, I have set some goals and built up expectations – I expect to participate and finish the 10km race. Having said that, I do not believe I’ll be disappointed if I don’t. Whatever will happen, will happen and things will be what they will be and not what I want them to. A bunch of platitudes I know, but they’re also where my mindset is… one of the most pragmatic realisations I’ve been fortunate enough to have had.


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