LXII – New Habits


Introducing a new habit. How hard can it be?
Write, meditate, yoga, run, surf, study, learn a new skill
The perpetual raincheck in getting started
Distractions are easier than discomfort
Swiping fingers does require little effort.

Glass half empty mindset
A self-imposed unyielding anchor
Procrastination in lieu of uncertainty
Fear of the outcome and perceived dissatisfaction
Respite sought in future pleasures, forever future.

Default approach to manage expectations? Whose?
The habit is a gift from me to I
Reasons for doing and excuses not to, are easy
Winning the inner argument not so much
Repeated indulgence in the comfort of distraction.

It is hard, it is uncomfortable, it is scary, it is demanding
It is also worth it, but this is usually a losing argument
This is known only too well
Set up the tools for it, make it easier to jump into
Reap the benefits of a tangibly better life.

Pick one. Start small. Be consistent
It will be part of you in no time
Remove distractions. Make room for now
Have an accountability partner. Be one
Find leverage – the value in choosing to engage rather than not to.

There is freedom in choosing
There is freedom in delayed gratification
There is freedom in effort
There is freedom in braveness
No good can come from being certain all the time.



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