LXXV – Taking Personal Responsibility

Self-imposed high standards of word and deed
Not bidden, but demanded of others
Sprinkled with excesses of outrage
An arrogant conviction of moral authority

A childish certainty of all that should be
Inexorably orbiting me, me, me
An egotistical, oblivious demand for external change
Why not? No fault to be found inside…

Shamed for ever feeling so? Let go!
Surrender is the healthy choice

Daring to promote inner conflict
The courage to ask the hard questions
The heroism to honestly answer
The superhuman effort to implement

The sought epiphany… maturity
Change from within… the only possible first step
The path now suggested to others, not the outcome
A progressing acceptance of what is

Emerging validation by “adding value”
Rewarded by promoting growth

You are permitted to read this, you did get this far
Victim? Only if you’re also the perpetrator
Oppressing? Read again from the top
Oppressed? You’re not, that’s entitlement!

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