Because of Covid! Duhhh!

Today I went to grab a coffee, as I usually do.
I took my reusable cup, as I usually do.
I went to a place… I usually don’t.
I extended my cup and asked for a flat white, as I usually do, and a croissant.

The barista took my cup and the following conversation ensued:
– Barista: “I’m sorry, we can’t serve you in your reusable cup” – she politely advised.
– Me: “Why not?”
– Barista: “Because of Covid!” – “Isn’t it obvious?” the underlying tone judged.
– Me: “How so?”
– Barista: “To keep us safe!”
– Me: “I’ll just have the croissant then. Thanks.”

I paid cash and couldn’t (wouldn’t) help myself:
– Me: “Can you please explain the rationale for not serving in reusable cups?”
– Barista: “It’s because of Covid!” – she syllabically spelled.
– Me: “But you held my cup and took my money… directly from my (un-sanitised) hands!”
– Barista: “It’s a safety thing!” – visibly upset.

I let it go, it’s not her fault… entirely!


Why can’t I travel? Why can’t I sit alone on a park bench? Why can’t I earn a living? Why can’t I get sunshine? Why can’t I breathe fresh air? Why can’t my kids play in the playground? Why must I obey non-sensical mandates? Why is my life the way it is? Why can’t I have my morning coffee in my cup?

Much like the collective thinking, so is the answer to “Why” questions becoming more and more uniform, with one of two strains (pun intended):
1) “Because of Covid!”
2) “For our safety!”

Through a relentless fear driven narrative, Covid is (and will continue to be, looooong into the future) the excuse for our collective dumbing down, conformity, permissiveness and nonjudgmental compliance.

Enjoy the ride!

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