LXIX – Best Of “Year 1”

LiFe TiDeS is now 2 years old. Once again, I decided to go through this past year’s tunes and compile a 2nd Best Of album with some of my favourite lyrics. A couple of the songs were written by Alexandre Moleiro… Thank you and keep them coming!! Anyway, it's been yet another 365 days. What have … Continue reading LXIX – Best Of “Year 1”


LXVIII – My Ever Growing Prejudice

Disclaimer: apart from the first (titled 'Visiting Grandma'), all photos were taken with my ‘glowing screen’ 9 August 2016, Altura, Portugal Last night, and for the first time in more than 300 days, Cat and I went out for a drink as a couple. It was refreshing to ‘remember how to forget’ the kids for … Continue reading LXVIII – My Ever Growing Prejudice

LXVII – On the Road

Over a year ago, my friend A.P. suggested that I read “On the Road” by Jack Kerouac – a book about travelling, friendship, madness, spirituality, time (keeping it), sex, drugs  and… jazz. I took great pleasure in reading this book – its eloquent fast paced action made me feel like ‘hitting the road’ without a … Continue reading LXVII – On the Road


LXVI – Mind Waves

Late last year, just before Christmas, I applied for a PM position within Noosa Council. I really enjoy my current position and the people I work with, but I decided it would be good to try something different and working with other people. Inevitably, after deciding to apply for it, I started creating expectations and … Continue reading LXVI – Mind Waves


LXV – Change

Dedicated to all whose dissatisfaction with the way things are plays a big part in their lives. If change is indeed the only constant there is, might as well be the one you seek. Deliberate introduction of change is the only way I know to achieve fulfilling contentment. Less has been my fortune and can't … Continue reading LXV – Change


LXIV – “Year 1”: Mission Being Accomplished

A new year starts. The widespread incentive to change is more present now than at any other given time of the civil year. New Year resolutions dominate the “fresh start wish list” and set out the guidelines for the ideal year ahead. In my experience, this feeling usually lasts a few weeks, until the comfort … Continue reading LXIV – “Year 1”: Mission Being Accomplished


LXIII – Complaining

“When you think everything is someone else’s fault, you will suffer a lot. When you realise that everything springs only from yourself, you will learn both peace and joy.” Dalai Lama Sometime ago, Cat and I struck up a conversation on the topic of complaining. Based on our experience and observations, we came to agree … Continue reading LXIII – Complaining