LXIII – Complaining

“When you think everything is someone else’s fault, you will suffer a lot. When you realise that everything springs only from yourself, you will learn both peace and joy.” Dalai Lama Sometime ago, Cat and I struck up a conversation on the topic of complaining. Based on our experience and observations, we came to agree … Continue reading LXIII – Complaining


LXII – New Habits

Introducing a new habit. How hard can it be? Write, meditate, yoga, run, surf, study, learn a new skill The perpetual raincheck in getting started Distractions are easier than discomfort Swiping fingers does require little effort. Glass half empty mindset A self-imposed unyielding anchor Procrastination in lieu of uncertainty Fear of the outcome and perceived … Continue reading LXII – New Habits

This Is Water

I wish I had heard this speech at my graduation. Having said that, I probably wouldn't have listened to much of it at the time. David Foster Wallace, Kenyon College 2005 commencement speech: "There are these two young fish swimming along, and they happen to meet an older fish swimming the other way, who nods … Continue reading This Is Water

The Status Quo

An excerpt from Alan Watts' 1951, "The Wisdom of Insecurity" “(…) our age is one of frustration, anxiety, agitation, and addiction to “dope.” Somehow we must grab what we can while we can, and drown out the realization that the whole thing is futile and meaningless. This “dope” we call our high standard of living, a violent … Continue reading The Status Quo