XXXVII – It’s a Boy

I am having a son. I’m a very, very lucky dad to have two beautiful girls and the joys they have given me are immeasurable. I have always considered to be a very fortunate guy, but I’ve been extra blessed since 23 March 2013, the day my life changed for the best. And 17 January 2015, … Continue reading XXXVII – It’s a Boy


XXXVI – What’s The Plan?

What am I doing here? What is the meaning of this thing called life? Mankind has been struggling with these existential questions for times immemorial. I doubt that there is anyone that, at any point in life, hasn’t pondered these. I know I have and to this date I can’t give a clear answer. I … Continue reading XXXVI – What’s The Plan?

XXXV – Moving On

I lied to friend. Knowingly and deliberately, I lied to a friend. The feeling of guilt, shame and immediate regret have stuck with me since then, and only more than a month after the fact was I able to gather the courage to confess and ask for his forgiveness. Like most lies involving dear ones, … Continue reading XXXV – Moving On


XXXIV – Time Gone By? That’s OK

Brisbane, May 2016 I get a good sense of time gone by, when reunited with people I hadn’t seen in a while and their kids. That common place “Oh, they do grow up so fast”, is indeed that common. A few days ago I had the same feeling but this time based on an evening … Continue reading XXXIV – Time Gone By? That’s OK