Asparagus Risotto

I have recently tried a number of risotto recipes (some of which deserve a place here), but this one is my favourite so far. This is a Mat Follas’ recipe from his book Vegetable Perfection, which I randomly picked from the culinary section of the Noosa library. I have tried around a dozen of its … Continue reading Asparagus Risotto


Chia Lime Pie

Early in April 2017, I cooked my first dessert ever. It was an apple pie recipe by Rich Roll and Julia Piatt that came out pretty well and motivated me to keep trying some more of their concoctions. This curiosity brought me to this recipe, which I tried the following week. The reason for the … Continue reading Chia Lime Pie

Becoming a Foodie

With my decision to change my dietary habits came a whole heap of challenges. Chief among them was how to get flavour diversity on my plate. When I stopped eating meat back in September 2016, my meals were based on three different tastes:  an assortment of veggies flavoured with either a Sugo sauce or Chimi … Continue reading Becoming a Foodie