Noosa, Different By Nature! – II

Dear Mayor and Councillors, 

I refer to my email dated 24 December 2022.  

Councillors Amelia and Karen, I thank you for having replied to my email and it was with eager expectation that I followed the ensuing Council meetings as you had promised to bring my concerns to this forum.  

To put it mildly, it was disappointing that these matters were not raised or discussed – if, by any reason, I missed the minutes where this was discussed, I would ask that you send me a copy.  

Notwithstanding, well over 3 months have elapsed since I raised my concerns. And whilst I understand perfectly well that you are (and have been) busy with matters of far greater importance, I believe it’s overdue that Noosa Council’s endorsed discrimination and segregation is prioritised. 

Government mandates have, in the most, been removed, nevertheless I still can’t take my two daughters and son to a number of Council run facilities which my rates help fund.

It is my genuine concern that our intelligent, affluent and freedom loving community may soon see Council to be discriminating by upholding questionable restrictions – I know I do.

In the aftermath of many confusing directives and mixed messages by Governments during COVID, people now understand that to ask for a citizen’s personal medical record to gain access to a public facility, is “sensitive information” protected under the Privacy Act 1988.  

I have heard you say that Council does not, and never will, stand for discrimination, but your actions betray your words and this inconsistency (hypocrisy some might call it) is likely to severely and irreversibly damage the confidence and trust people have on the ‘brand’ that is Noosa Council.

Having also sought legal advice, Noosa Council may be positioning itself to legal action (and ridicule), for what could be considered “the endorsement of a coercive position maintained by Council, as a supporter of the clinical trial of m-RNA vaccines”, of which have no efficacy, and have never been used on humans before.

More than once, have I been humiliated with the demands for me to share personal and private medical information with “door holders” and “ticket sellers” – it is not a great feeling, especially when in the presence of my kids. 

I believe most of you are parents, so you can probably relate.

MY KIDS are being denied the same opportunities as those whose mothers and fathers are happy to share private and personal medical information with anyone who asks for it. 

I hold you responsible for this highly reprehensible and shameful position – prohibiting MY GIRLS and MY BOY from participating in society and enjoying Noosa Council’s sponsored cultural activities is not OK, it’s disgusting.

The fact that they’re not alone in being segregated offers me no comfort. 

You may be interested to learn that I recently spoke to a local couple at a social event. They informed me they recently tried to book family tickets for a show at ‘The J’, only to be confronted with a stern demand for their personal and private medical information as a condition of entry. 

They went on to convey how their kids were devastated and left in fear that they could only attend without mum and dad, since they refused to comply. 

It was very sad to hear the kids were inconsolable because they were unable to see their friends performing – they are not an isolated case. 

The way I see it, you seem to forget that you work for the Noosa community, that you work for me, and that you were hired to manage infrastructure, not to rule. 

I find it appalling that you have to be reminded that your mandate does not include denying MY KIDS entry to where other kids can.

I’m genuinely curious to understand the basis of your position.

Please answer my questions:  

  • Does the medical treatment you are forcing me to show evidence of having undertaken, prevent one from catching, spreading or dying from the disease it was designed to treat?
  • If the answer to the question above is “No, no and no!”, then what is the difference between not allowing me to enter a public space: 1) based on my refusal to share with you this private medical information; or 2) not allowing me to do so based on the colour of my skin or religious beliefs?  
  • What, precisely, is the difference? 
  • How do you rationalise your segregation of our community?

Because I do not believe that you’re acting out of ignorance, I can only find two answers for your active endorsement of discrimination in Noosa: 1) lack of courage to stand against inhumane “orders”/”mandates”/”directives”; or 2) acting deliberately.

Be it cowardice or ill intent, your (in)actions are an embarrassment and absolute disgrace to the Noosa Ethos and basic human rights.

I also remind you that you are crippling (and condemning to a slow death) many small family run businesses (the backbone of any strong and healthy community) by:

  • not standing with them against inhumane mandates; and
  • keeping silent when they have to turn away patrons who do not wish to share private and personal medical information with pubescent waiters. 

I’m sure you appreciate the unfairness of one having to pay for services which the service provider denies one to have usufruct of. 

I take your silence on my concerns, for well over 3 months, as your agreement for me not to pay my rates until such times as you allow MY GIRLS, MY BOY and I to use the services they pay for. 



Diogo Carrico 



Dear Scott,  

I take this opportunity to welcome you and your family to Noosa and wish you all the best in your role as the new CEO of Noosa Council. 

I also ask for your comments and expedient action on Council’s endorsed segregation and discrimination. 

Thank you. 


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