LIII – Worry: Part I

Noosa, 30 June 2017 I have recently been reading and writing about Worry and how it can have a productive effect when it helps you resolve the problem created by the object of worry, but it can also be quite venomous. It can prevent you from being rational and block viewing the bigger picture. For … Continue reading LIII – Worry: Part I


LII – Floating

Early last year, Catarina offered me a floating session. A few weeks before, I had never heard of such thing, until a podcast sparked my curiosity. In a nutshell, it is a capsule filled with excessively salty water where one enters, closes the lid, lays down, turns off the light, fully relaxes and gets to … Continue reading LII – Floating

Asparagus Risotto

I have recently tried a number of risotto recipes (some of which deserve a place here), but this one is my favourite so far. This is a Mat Follas’ recipe from his book Vegetable Perfection, which I randomly picked from the culinary section of the Noosa library. I have tried around a dozen of its … Continue reading Asparagus Risotto