LXIX – Best Of “Year 1”

LiFe TiDeS is now 2 years old. Once again, I decided to go through this past year’s tunes and compile a 2nd Best Of album with some of my favourite lyrics. A couple of the songs were written by Alexandre Moleiro… Thank you and keep them coming!! Anyway, it's been yet another 365 days. What have … Continue reading LXIX – Best Of “Year 1”

LXVIII – My Ever Growing Prejudice

Disclaimer: apart from the first (titled 'Visiting Grandma'), all photos were taken with my ‘glowing screen’ 9 August 2016, Altura, Portugal Last night, and for the first time in more than 300 days, Cat and I went out for a drink as a couple. It was refreshing to ‘remember how to forget’ the kids for … Continue reading LXVIII – My Ever Growing Prejudice