Petition – Cat Come Back

Hi, This is an unusual post and its sole purpose is to gather likes and comments in order to have my dear Cat writing again. I have been getting many requests and queries with regards as to when will Cat write a post again, but she is deaf to my pleas for her words and … Continue reading Petition – Cat Come Back


XXXIII – Kicking Awareness

The first time I was to become a parent, I only really became aware of it when we went for the first x-ray at the clinic. Up until then, I did witness the pink pregnancy test and Cat’s belly growing bigger and bigger and I did know why… but the realisation came only when watching … Continue reading XXXIII – Kicking Awareness

XXXII – Time Perceptions

Noosa, 5 September 2016 I arrived in Australia for the first time on 15 September 2009. A week or so later, I went to the department of transportation to obtain my Australian driver’s license. A simple, standard question made me consider, for the first time, how long I was planning to stay in this country … Continue reading XXXII – Time Perceptions


XXXI – Job Hunt

Noosa, 6 September 2016 Today I did something that I hadn’t done in more than 6 years. I grabbed my $20 bike (helmet included) and rode out looking for a job. I went knocking on every local café to offer my services as barista/waiter. I had forgotten how hard it is to answer that first question … Continue reading XXXI – Job Hunt


XXX – ‘Unskypeable’ Senses

“The sea smelled like a sail whose billows had caught up water, salt and a cold sun. It had a simple smell, the sea, but at the same time it smelled immense and unique, so much so that Grenouille hesitated to dissect the odours into fishy, salty, watery, seaweedy, fresh-airy, and so on. He preferred … Continue reading XXX – ‘Unskypeable’ Senses