XLIII – Preaching & Self-Labelling

Since first writing this post I have been less inclined to prompt conversations about our simpler lifestyle. I have also changed the manner in which I engage in such conversations. I find that semantics play a big role in how labels are attached as there seems to be less judgment and more curiosity by replacing … Continue reading XLIII – Preaching & Self-Labelling


Are You a Successful Woman?

Brisbane, March 2016   Before you start reading, stop and answer this question out loud: "What is your definition of a successful woman?" Ok, you can continue now. I've always been very passionate about women’s rights, women’s living and women’s roles. I was raised with the awareness that I needed to study and work hard. … Continue reading Are You a Successful Woman?

Find Your Inner Minimalist

Brisbane, February 2016   Minimalism is a lifestyle, an approach to life, an interest, an idea, a dream. It can be anything, because it’s different for everyone. That’s why, when you talk to people about minimalism, they will say that in some degree they are already minimalists or that they are already trying to include … Continue reading Find Your Inner Minimalist


Stumbling Into It

Brisbane, February 2016 I've always been interested in ways that can make my life easier. Since my youngest daughter was born in 2015, my time, my precious time, is even more precious now and I hate wasting it with house chores, cleaning, tidying up, etc. But the reality is, that I just feel good and relaxed if … Continue reading Stumbling Into It


XLII – Life as a TV Show

If my life was to be a TV series, up until some time ago, I would have been living solely from season to season. If it were a book, from chapter to chapter. Inevitably, as each new interval loomed, an eager/anxious curiosity on the main character’s fate would become more present. Before joining the workforce, … Continue reading XLII – Life as a TV Show