LXXVII – Taboo Thoughts

Last week I wished my kids were sick instead of me. Does that make me a bad parent? Maybe, but that's how I felt. Judge on now... then hear me out and reassess. Last week I got the flu and in addition to significant body aches, lung burning cough and constant nose blowing I got … Continue reading LXXVII – Taboo Thoughts


LXXVI – Wanderings on ‘Truth’

I want to promote some debate on the vast subject of truth. I start with a few propositions to which I would welcome refutation: there are commonly held truths that are not up for debate (self-evident) - i.e. the earth is round, not flat (though some still disagree); all the now self-evident truths came from scientific … Continue reading LXXVI – Wanderings on ‘Truth’

LXXIV – Debt

Debt goes from something as subjective as feelings (i.e. debt of gratitude) to something as objective as money. This is another dissertation on the latter, more precisely on personal debt rather than the sovereign kind. Weeks ago, some of my colleagues were enthralled in a mortgage conversation, more precisely, interest rates. One of them had … Continue reading LXXIV – Debt